Water and drilling resource page

•Nearly everything you should know about choosing us or any other water contractor can be found at www.wellowner.org or www.privatewell,com ,

Another good place for basic information is NDSU's "assessing the condition of your water well and location, a "crash course" on well siting.

•For a comprehensive look at North Dakota's water resources, check the United States Geological Society site, which also includes some interesting photos from the 1997 flooding in Grand Forks.

•For a wider view of U.S. water resources, the USGS has that as well. • Another excellent source of information is an all-encompassing links page for water professionals compiled by Water Resources Data Systems

. •Yet another water site of interest is the EPA's "surf your watershed" , which also provides some valuable info on N.D. water resources and the quality thereof.

•An excellent source of tips for irrigation systems can be found at North Dakota State University's "Water Spouts" monthly newsletter.

•For a closer look at the benefits of geothermal/heat pump technology, check The Geothermal Resources Council's page.